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Fighting: Reeve can defend himself in a fight, though he has a body guard for a reason. In general, other characters can probably overpower him, but if he spots a chance to run, he'll take it.

Mind control, telepathy: Reeve has no natural defense against any sort of mind control and your character can probably get in his head pretty easily. Just check with me first.

Sex: In his younger days, Reeve went through a bit of a wild phase. As a result, he is relatively sexually experienced, more than one might expect of a giant nerd. That said, as he's aged, his sexuality has changed, and at the canon point I am taking him from, he strongly prefers a romantic or friendly connection to his sexual partners. He may be slow to warm up to the idea of Ariel at first.

Yes: Bondage, toys, forced oral, double penetration, rimming, sensory dep, temperature play, group play, slave play, hard and soft impact, dubcon, sharing partners, size play, manhandling, domination, submission,

Negotiable: Non-con, and anything else not explicitly stated her.

No: Vore, gore, scat, urine/watersports, menstruation, lactation, children/child play, infantalization, pregnancy, lactaion, furry, bestiality.
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Types of sex I am OK with: Most anything
Kinks or practices I enjoy: Bondage, D/s, anonymous, group sex, BDSM, biting, bruising, rough sex in general.
Types of sex I'm not OK with: None that I can think of.
Kinks or practices I don't enjoy: Watersports, fecal play, bestiality
Willing to write rape or dubcon?: Yes, but let's talk OOC first.
Is fade to black OK?: Sure!


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