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Name: Reeve Tuesti
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
History link: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Reeve_Tuesti is the most complete, although I disagree entirely that it is “strongly implied” that Reeve has children. His parents refer to each other as “Grandmother” and “Grandfather,” which I feel is more of a dialect/translation issue. Neither a wife nor any children is ever mentioned in extended canon, and, in fact, Cait Sith is referred to has his “child” and implied child-substitute.
Age: Compilation establishes Reeve as 35 in FFVII, making him 36 in Advent Children and 38/39 in Dirge of Cerberus. (I tend to stretch his age upward as much as possible, due to canon contradictions. Reeve designed the mako reactors, which are an integral part of Midgar’s structure. In addition, he’s referenced as the “director of City Planning”. Unfortunately, in the original game Midgar is established as a 15 year construction project, which means that Reeve must have designed both the city and the Mako reactors before turning 20... which I find pretty unlikely.)
Canon point: Reeve will be joining his canon-mates just after Advent Children. For him, that means the WRO is frantically trying to build enough housing/generate power for the residents of Edge and taking a lot of heat for that whole children-being-snatched-off-the-streets thing.
Personality: (Copied/Edited from an app to Drama Drama Duck)
Reeve is very mechanically minded, so he tends to be fairly awkward in his social interactions. Tact is a foreign concept to him, as is lying, though he's gotten a little better at both. He tends to blurt things out without realizing they're blunt or hurtful. Other times, he means something sarcastically or as a joke, but it comes out unintentionally harsh. He's a lot more proficient at dealing with animals and inanimate objects, and so he tends to shy away from social interactions. He prefers to communicate in writing, or, if necessary, over the phone, rather than braving face to face interactions, because it gives him more time to consider what he's saying.

Paradoxically, when Reeve does get close to someone, he gets very attached very quickly. Even after his time in ShinRa, he tends to trust too easily. He always expects the best of everyone, which is a double-edged sword: people who respond to his trust generally rise to meet it, which is the reason for much of his success in the WRO. I think it also explains much of his dynamic with Vincent in DOC, a game in which Reeve manages to guilt Vincent into fixing everything ever. On the other hand, this also creates opportunities for people to fall short of his expectations, or take advantage of his giving nature. Certainly his dreams for Midgar were never realized; his Mako reactors were co-opted and turned into weaponry by Scarlet. His trust level also leads him to put himself into situations where he is entirely in another’s hands. Somehow, he spends years in a position where he knows his abilities are being misused, and even lets it escalate past the point where an entire sector of his city has been massacred before finally following his conscience and turning on ShinRa. Obviously, he hasn’t learned, since he pledges his loyalty as completely to Cloud and later to Vincent in DoC, although neither misuses him the way ShinRa did.

On the darker side, when Reeve does crash, he crashes hard. He tends to take responsibility for every negative event to befall anyone, ever. This leads to a lot of guilt and self-recriminations, which manifests as sulks. Sometimes these can go for weeks or even months until someone smacks him out of it. (For instance, during and after the destruction of Sector 7, he is defeated and sullen. These traits reappear after the WRO’s defeat in DoC, though Vincent takes him to task much more promptly.) My headcanon is also that the death of the Cait Siths -- One in FFVII and one in DoC -- effect him very deeply. Cait Sith is clearly established as a sentient being from the very beginning (saying things like “Don’t forget me even if another Cait Sith comes along!” in the original game) and is referred to in Ultimania Omega as Reeve’s child, so I find it very natural that Reeve responds very strongly to the loss of one of them, triggering similar depressive episodes, even if they’re never shown in canon.

Powers/Abilities: Reeve’s only ability is that he’s super-smart. He clearly is some sort of mechanical genius, having designed a city, invented and implemented a brand new form of electricity, and essentially invented AI on his world. He can build a great deal out of very little, and my headcanon is that there’s actually very little he can’t build or do, provided appropriate materials, and that he can preform the amazing even with materials that are very basic or lacking.

According to the Ultimania Omega, Reeve was originally designed as an “Inspire” which is a separate race that can “breathe life” into inanimate objects. (This never made it into actual canon.) I don’t choose to exactly portray that in Reeve (especially since FFVII canon has so constantly been reinvented and retconned) and I prefer to think that Cait Sith is an extension of Reeve’s innate ability with invention and machinery. However, I also interpret it in a way, as I do feel Reeve’s talent is as much a natural ability as it is education.


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