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It wasn't appropriate for the most powerful man in the world to get roaringly drunk in public, virus or no. That was why Reeve had limited himself to one dignified rye sour when he found himself in the bar.

Despite his caution, he soon felt the effects of the alcohol -- not overpowering and not unpleasant, either. He ordered another. Just one more. After all, what could be the harm? Smiling just a bit, he settled back into one of the chairs near the corner of the bar, observing the revelry surrounding him. Even though he, of course, had no intention of joining in.
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Do you have a minute sometime today?
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I hope this virus will be drawing to a close, soon. It's becoming quite difficult to accomplish much of anything. And I'm almost out of coffee.

[OOC: Reeve is having a constant memory-loop of Sector 7 for his punishment.]
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-- and I'll expect your charts by next Wednesday. Anyone with questions on the Fibonacci Sequence may stay after class or see me at office hours. Thank you, everyone.

[Have one Professor Tuesti closing up his files and straightening his desk. Come say hello?]
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[Reeve rolled over in the bed, tangling the sheets around his legs. He could tell it was early, not just because of the way the light filtered through his eyelashes, but because the house was blessedly silent. The dynamic duo wasn't awake to wreak havoc yet.

A smile curving his lips, he reached to the other side of the bed, looking for the soft warmth of his wife.]

[OOC: Reeve is family virused (Tseng = wife, Lazard and Rufus = sons) as well as Plz Give Me Hugs'd]
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I have nothing to do. This is... unusual, and a bit disturbing.

Private to Tseng, Reno/Unhackable

I'd like to speak with you, when you have a moment.
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I have to believe the posts on the Community today are worse than even the virus itself -- I think today would be an excellent time to isolate oneself, if no other methods of -- er, distraction -- are working. I -- Reno?
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Since the destruction of the WRO, Reeve had moved what remained of his workshop and files to the Inn in Kalm. The people who knew where to find him could find him; any other concerns were routed through an automated Cait running a Reeve-suit in Edge. If it distracted Deepground for even a few moments, he considered the gambit well worth the effort of packing up and moving. And it wasn't exactly like he had home, anymore, now that his condo had been destroyed with the rest of the building.

All their hopes were resting on Vincent. The real Cait-Sith (number 6, recently activated) was also in Edge, coordinating the attack on the reactors. As always, he was working from behind the curtains, manipulating what he could while leaving the rest of it to fate. That was the way he operated. He should be used to it, now, but it still galled him. So he'd cloistered himself in his hotel room (the extra bed piled high with equipment) and he waited.
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50 Sentences. Yadda, yadda, you choose the pairing, rating, and a theme set. I write. And then I type and finish my 5+1 meme.


Potential Muses:
Donna Moss
Sirius Black (sh-shut up)
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[It looks like the Community's decided to pull up the video Reeve is viewing and post it on his journal. Judging by the image quality, it's a recon video of Cait's -- the small cat can be seen crawling through the underground ruins of Midgar, ducking amid pipes and rubble. He follows a large trolley-car filled with villagers from Kalm.]

This has gotta be the place... That's the same container I saw in Kalm!

[He follows the container of hostages to a large pool of the Life Stream. The container falls from the cable into the liquid, but before it can hit, a large claw rises from the pool, crushing it and dragging it under.]

What -- good gracious me! What in the blazes is down there?

The usher of souls. My brother -- Omega.

[Cait's camera swivels to a man swirling in lightning and darkness.]

It's Nero the Sable -- Oh, dear --

[That's all Cait manages to get out before he's engulfed by the black cloud that swirls around Nero. As it covers him, the screen goes entirely black.]

Cait Sith? No! Damnit, no!

[OOC: Cait,vNero, Reeve]
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[The banner across the bottom reads "Edge Daily." A reporter speaks excitedly into the camera.]

Once again, we're reporting live from the trial of Rufus ShinRa, where WRO founder and former ShinRa executive Reeve Tuesti has been subpoenaed by the prosecution as a hostile witness. Despite the recent tension in Kalm and Junon, Commissioner Tuesti chose not to avail himself of a provision in the WRO which protects him from having to appear in court. While emotions have been high for the entire trial, today's testimony was highly anticipated.

[The feed cuts to a video of Reeve in the courtroom, serene under the flashbulbs of a dozen cameras.]

"Excuse me, Commissioner, but could you elaborate on your position?"

"Rufus ShinRa cannot, lawfully or morally, be held responsible for the atrocities committed by ShinRa under his father's presidency."

"But, as Vice President, wasn't he in a position to observe and stop these 'atrocities'?"

"No. Frankly, he was nearly exiled for much of that time. There were others, more highly placed and with more influence, who saw what was happening. In Rufus's absence, for instance, I designed and built the Mako reactors. I, also, was present at the meeting where the decision was made to drop the plate on Sector 7. Rufus wasn't. You can continue trying to frame him, of course, but it's terribly uncomfortable watching you try to make the charges stick. Really, if you're looking for the justice you've put so much weight on, you'd do better coming after me. Or, for that matter, any of the handful of AVALANCHE members with ties to ShinRa, Sector Seven, or the reactor bombings. Not to mention the Nibelheim and Corel massacres."

[Any further testimony is cut off by the roars of denunciation and questions from the spectators -- which, of course, is what Reeve wanted. Looking quite pleased with himself, he sits back and sips a mug of coffee he had hidden in the witness stand. The video cuts back to the reporter.]

Despite repeated protests from the Edge City Attorney's office that they have no plans to charge "the heroes of the world" with anything, tensions remain understandably high this afternoon. Throughout his testimony, the Commissioner repeatedly stressed the need to unite against the real enemy, and direct our energy to the future we can change instead of the past we cannot."

[The feed cuts.]
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Comment with a 5 + 1 list and I'll write a little drabble about it. Include the name of the characters, the ship (if applicable), and a general rating to go along with it.

What bandwagon?

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[OOC: A couple things:
1. Mature content. No, really.
2. This post is backdated like a boss to the virus, yo.
3. Reeve's crossover canon is Weiss Kreuz, where epic ridiculousness is the rule. Random wtfery, WEISS MEMBERS, or any other "input" is welcome. ♥]
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Reeve didn't know what, exactly, had possessed him to agree to this. He could have sent Cait Sith along and monitored from the comfort and security of his office. Hell, he could have sent a Cait Sith in a Reeve-Suit and Reno would never have known the difference. He didn't need to be here.

Except... he couldn't shake Reno's words. "You could help me." He didn't see how; didn't see what he could do that Cait Sith couldn't, but Reno was the expert. If he said Reeve could help, well, Reeve owed it to the people of Edge to do the best he could. It worried him enough already that people were going missing in Junon. It worried him more that Reno had heard about it before him.

If he really could help, well... it was his job to do everything he could.

Still he wasn't thrilled about riding in a helicopter this early in the morning. He arrived at the appointed place, his fingers wrapped around a paper cup of coffee. Lucky for Reno he'd had a few mugs at home, too. He could at least be civil.

He took a sip and hugged the precious liquid as he waited for the redhead to arrive.
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@ [livejournal.com profile] polychromatic:

This LJ has been recycled. If you still have it friended, please remove it for convenience purposes. All logs will remain for reference.
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"You don't have to go, Rachel."

But before he managed to finish that sentence, she was already out the door. Damn, she moved fast.

Mercy jumped from his arms to Anita's shoulders, happily curling right up in his regular spot beneath her hair. Other than being bigger, it was like nothing had changed.

He looked to Anita, a little more of that tiredness making itself clear.

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This feeling... It's so familiar. I just wish I could remember -- Oh.

Huh. I always wondered how they knew...

Of course I've got absolutely nothing in order. Well, this will be something of a hurried goodbye, then.

Niko, go ahead and promote someone. If you try to do this all on your own for a month, you'll go insane. In fact, hire two someones. Don't ask questions, please.

Kyle, sorry I won't be able to help you.

[Private to Mat, Thomas]

Take care of her for me.


Cloud, in Shiva's name keep your bike oiled or I swear I'll come back here and --

19 days. You couldn't have waited nineteen fucking days?

[Private to Anita]

Sweetheart? Come home, please.
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No, seriously, I mean it. What in Gaia's name has gotten into you people?

[OOC: Not cursed, v. confused, and still grumpy.]
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Private to Reno; Visible to other Gaians; filtered from Anita

I have no idea what in Jenova's name goes through your head. I don't care what you've been through in the past weeks. I've been through just as bad. You're upset the Stigma spread? Fine. So am I. I've never attempted to excuse myself and I made a public apology on the network. I did everything I could to reverse the spread of the disease and I am done defending my actions you, of all people. I have said nothing to you in weeks. I've done nothing to you. I've taken no retaliation for your frequent attacks on my wife, despite having ample cause, but you just won't give up.

No one has done anything to antagonize you and yet you still attack, weeks later. Yes, I made mistakes, but unlike you, I've admitted them instead of casting blame. This sick fantasy world you're living in, where Anita and I have gravely wronged you? It ends now, Reno.

Do not speak to me, or Anita, again. Do not approach us. You've been banned from the Lux. Now leave us alone.

Private to Niko
I'd like to ask your permission to have the doormen bar someone entry from the Lux. It started out as a personal disagreement, but he's attacked Anita now multiple times, both physically and verbally, directly and behind her back, and completely unprovoked. I honestly feel he's mentally unstable and further more if I see him I'm more than likely going to punch his nose in, so I think it's best for all involved if he stays away.

Private to Anita
I don't know what to say, love.


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