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Fighting: Reeve can defend himself in a fight, though he has a body guard for a reason. In general, other characters can probably overpower him, but if he spots a chance to run, he'll take it.

Mind control, telepathy: Reeve has no natural defense against any sort of mind control and your character can probably get in his head pretty easily. Just check with me first.

Sex: In his younger days, Reeve went through a bit of a wild phase. As a result, he is relatively sexually experienced, more than one might expect of a giant nerd. That said, as he's aged, his sexuality has changed, and at the canon point I am taking him from, he strongly prefers a romantic or friendly connection to his sexual partners. He may be slow to warm up to the idea of Ariel at first.

Yes: Bondage, toys, forced oral, double penetration, rimming, sensory dep, temperature play, group play, slave play, hard and soft impact, dubcon, sharing partners, size play, manhandling, domination, submission,

Negotiable: Non-con, and anything else not explicitly stated her.

No: Vore, gore, scat, urine/watersports, menstruation, lactation, children/child play, infantalization, pregnancy, lactaion, furry, bestiality.
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You've reached Reeve Tuesti. Please leave me a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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□ Name: Reeve Tuesti
□ Journal: urbandev.dreamwidth.org
□ Series: Final Fantasy VII
□ Canon point: Post-Dirge of Cerberus
□ History: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Reeve_Tuesti is the most complete, however I disagree entirely that it is “strongly implied” that Reeve has children. His parents refer to each other as “Grandmother” and “Grandfather” in one scene, which is a dialect and translation flub. (“Old mother” would be more appropriate.) Neither a wife nor any children is ever mentioned in extended canon, and, in fact, Cait Sith is referred to as his “child” and implied child-substitute. Additionally, extended canon (specifically Case of Denzel) retcons this entire scene.
□ Personality: Overall, Reeve is smart and effective. Once he’s committed to a goal, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. He’s an extremely skilled man, excelling at everything from urban design to entirely new forms of science. There’s very little Reeve can’t do. He’s literally built cities, developed new energy technologies, and invented AI. Unfortunately, this kind of single minded dedication can (and frequently has) led to him participating in or complying with some really terrible deeds.

Reeve tends to invent first and realize the ramifications later, especially during his time with ShinRa. (Mako reactors were a particularly bad idea. And he accidentally created sentient Cait Siths.) Once he’s in, he doesn’t know how to extricate himself. He kidnaps Marlene and blackmails AVALANCHE to keep him in the team. He never raises more than a token protest to the Sector 7 plan, which results in the death of several people. Reeve is the kind of person with the capacity to do very terrible things if it’s for a cause he believes in. He’ll feel very bad about it afterwards, but he’ll still do it. He’s grown better at being critical about the outcome of things before committing, but that ruthless drive is still there, particularly when it comes to protecting the citizens of Edge.

Reeve is very mechanically minded, so his interactions with other people tend to be pretty awkward. He's a lot more proficient at dealing with animals and inanimate objects, and he prefers to communicate in writing, or, if necessary, over the phone, rather than braving face to face interactions, because it gives him more time to consider what he's saying.

Paradoxically, when Reeve does get close to someone, he gets very attached very quickly. Even after his time in ShinRa, he tends to trust too easily. He always expects the best of everyone, which is a double-edged sword: people who respond to his trust generally rise to meet it, which is the reason for much of his success in the WRO. This is visible in Reeve’s small role in Advent Children, where he leaves Cloud a phone message that encourages him to come out of hiding, and throughout Dirge of Cerberus, the game in which Reeve manages to guilt Vincent into fixing everything ever.

On the other hand, this also creates opportunities for people to fall short of his expectations, or take advantage of his giving nature. Certainly his dreams for Midgar were never realized; his Mako reactors were co-opted and turned into weaponry by Scarlet. Somehow, he spends years in a position where he knows his abilities are being misused, and even lets it escalate past the point where an entire sector of his city has been massacred before finally following his conscience and turning on ShinRa. Obviously, he hasn’t learned, since he pledges his loyalty as completely to Cloud and later to Vincent in DoC, although neither misuses him the way ShinRa did.

Reeve does take responsibility for his actions, though often not until after the fact. This leads to a lot of guilt and self-recriminations. Sometimes they’re productive (forming the WRO after Midgar’s destruction) but more often, they manifest as sulks. Sometimes these can go for weeks or even months until someone smacks him out of it. (For instance, during and after the destruction of Sector 7, he is defeated and sullen. These traits reappear after the WRO’s defeat in DoC, though Vincent takes him to task much more promptly.) My headcanon is also that the death of the Cait Siths -- One in FFVII and one in DoC -- affect him very deeply. Cait Sith is clearly established as a sentient being from the very beginning (saying things like “Don’t forget me even if another Cait Sith comes along!” in the original game) and is referred to in Ultimania Omega as Reeve’s child, so I find it very natural that Reeve responds very strongly to the loss of one of them, triggering similar depressive episodes, even if they’re never shown in canon.

□ Age: Compilation establishes Reeve as 35 in FFVII, making him 36 in Advent Children and 38/39 in Dirge of Cerberus. (I tend to stretch his age upward as much as possible, due to canon contradictions. Reeve designed the mako reactors, which are an integral part of Midgar’s structure. In addition, he’s referenced as the “director of City Planning”. Unfortunately, in the original game Midgar is established as a 15 year construction project, which means that Reeve must have designed both the city and the Mako reactors before turning 20... which I find pretty unlikely.)
□ Gender: Male
□ Appearance: Here’s a canon screenshot, and here’s the best fan art of all time.
□ Abilities/Powers: Reeve’s only “power” is science. Basically, if it’s math-based, he can do it. Architecture, urban planning, weapons making, automotive mechanics, coding, programming, structural engineering: all things Reeve does in canon. Midgar was his design, based off a brand new source of energy he also designed. He’s involved in multiple energy projects (first Mako, and then green energies, and the WRO is also exploring conventional energies, namely oil.) He builds Cait Sith and programs him, accidentally creating AI in the process. He customizes his own weapons. Builds a truck called the Shadowfox. Basically, he’s the Tony Stark of the FFVII world.

Outside of drafting boards and tool boxes, though, Reeve is fairly useless. He can fight using Cait Sith, but realistically Cait Sith is a materia mule and a stealth fighter, not good in a head-on confrontation. Although he carries a rifle, he’s pretty worthless with it. He’s even worse in any sort of hand-to-hand situation. And, while his resume is impressive, it’s not particularly applicable to life in Ariel. Most of Reeve’s skills, while highly necessary in Gaia, have no real application anywhere else, unless you need a building built.
□ Personal Items:
1. PHS/phone (I’m assuming it won’t work until he reaches higher levels.)

2. Laptop (ditto)
3. Tool kit. Just your basic thing, wire cutters/strippers, pliers, screwdriver set, thread, needles.
4. His ugly blue coat. He loves that thing.
I would love for him to have, as his final item, a Cait Sith. It can be deactivated and powered down until he reaches higher status (or permanently if the mods prefer) but Reeve will try to get it working and/or build a new one. Give that Cait Sith is almost a second character, however, I understand the difficulties this might poise.

□ First Person Sample: http://theloonybin.dreamwidth.org/1548.html?thread=766476#cmt766476 Reeve on the test drive meme

http://dramadramaduck.dreamwidth.org/tag/reeve+tuesti - Reeve at DDD

http://dirtyvegasrp.dreamwidth.org/tag/%5B+final+fantasy+vii+%5D+reeve+tuesti Reeve at DV

(A note on these links: I recently re-keyworded his icons, so a lot of the threads are sad and ugly now. I swear they didn’t used to be!)
□ Third Person Sample: The WRO was still more of a figurehead than an actual authority to be respected, and it was his fault more than anyone’s. That was why he was here, in his office, at almost three AM with only a bag of chocolates and a cat for company.

“I promise we’ll go home as soon as this is done,” he said for the third time, to no response. Before, he’d gotten the flick of an ear, or a tail -- something. “Chocolate?” he offered the creature, with the same results. “Good, more for me.” He popped the proffered piece into his own mouth, dropping his hand to rub between the feline’s ears.

He paused over Barret’s report on the oil well again. The man’s exuberance read clearly, even through text, and he couldn’t not smile. “The thing is,” he said to the cat, speaking aloud again to order his thoughts, “It’s progress, but it’s not the right sort of progress, is it?”

The oil well would provide energy for the entire southern district of Midgar’s Edge City, and with winter coming on fast and angry, that was nothing to sneeze at. Reeve made himself think about the children, their parents, who would benefit from the refinery when it was up and running next month. He made himself think about those who hadn’t been so lucky last year, just after the destruction of meteor. This was a good step.

Unfortunately, it was still a step backward. He twisted a pencil between his fingers, making tiny, meaningless check-marks on the report he was staring at. Fossile fuels, non-renewable resources -- they were going right back down a path they’d walked before, and look where it had gotten them with Midgar.

Behind his desk, set aside on the shelving unit that held all of his abandoned dreams, was a model of a hydro-electric plant. Edge was barely close enough to the sea for it to be effective, and the time, the money that would have to go into building entirely new technology... “cost prohibitive,” that was the term his accountants used. He kept his temper and didn’t tell them what he’d wanted to; that he’d worked for ShinRa, that lives, that the life of the planet, was never “cost prohibitive.”

They didn’t have the funding, he reminded himself. What they did have was only two months until the first snow. With one last lingering look at the hydroelectric plant, he turned back to his desk and pulled up his email, sending off a quick message to Barret with the site of their next well.

“Come on,” he said to the tiny ball of fluff, scooping it off his lap as he moved the rest of his files to his briefcase. He could finish the rest before he went to bed. “Let’s go home.”


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